Do you want to write a great interview for your blog? Well, then you have to take a look at this article which explains the essential steps to publish a great content.

When you start blogging and working with writing, a problem arises: how to write an effective interview, able to capture the attention of the public?

When you need to reach results these questions are decisive, you can’t ignore them. Because interviews make the difference when you work in the world of blogging.

When completing the editorial calendar, consider adding these contents to the titles. To diversify operations, improve the offer and allow your name to reach the public. And maybe to get different points of view from those you usually use in your posts.

How to write an interview? It is difficult to say in a few words, behind these contents there are nuances that cannot be contained in two words.

Your blog can find great benefits and tangible benefits, but to turn all this into reality you must carefully organize the good writing of an interview. Where to start? What are the first steps to take? I leave you my ladder.

What is and how to write an interview

The interview is developed in the world of journalism and is presented as an article that calls into question a person who is aware of facts or specific knowledge. There may be an interview inserted in a wider context, or a content dedicated only to one character.

The interview is born around the interest of a character for structural or contextual reasons, or for his competences or because he is involved in news stories.

And the journalist can conduct this content to know the facts or to undermine the interviewee. There can be fun, bad, making history, informative, structured, official and by press release. So, how to write a real or imaginary interview with a character? There are examples and techniques to emphasize

You can create a good article and bring journalistic techniques to the world of those who love to write for the web. Are you ready to learn how to manage an online interview?

Find people who fit your purpose

The first point: you need to find the right people for your job, and identify the people to interview. This step can be done with a simple Google search, by consulting your RSS feed or even Twitter followers.

In summary, you have to do a job as a blogger outreach. This means that you have to identify the people who could be suitable. The criteria: continuity of one’s work and trend topic. In the first thing you call subjects that stand out over time and who earn their right to be interviewed because they are experts in the field.

To find these contacts you can use the tools to spy on the competition (Followerwonk, Mention, Google Alert, Semrush). But there are other names that you can put on the list: those that nobody knew before and that suddenly become famous for some merit, a news that catches the eye.

Another possibility: to interview the unknown talent, the one who does good things but no one evaluates in the right way. If you can do this interview, you can capture the attention and get a good result.

How to prepare your article

You have chosen the person to interview, now you need to identify the strengths of the interview. You have to study this person’s profile and discover the topics he carefully manages. What it does, what it shares, why people follow it. And above all, what are the skills?

I speak of those that make it unique. You can do a little research in terms of search SEO: does your name have traffic volumes? Based on the answer, prepare yourself for a good on-page optimization of the interview: even these contents can position themselves well.

In the preparatory phase there is also the contact of the person to be interviewed. You have to send a polite but friendly email, no bureaucrat or starched language, to ask the person you chose to write an interview for you. Seems easy? Read on, let’s move on to the operational phase.

What to ask for in an interview

You have to go further. Identify a focal point, a passage for which this person’s contribution is worth reading. How to write an interview? Starting to ask the right questions: try to snatch truth and uncomfortable opinions from the interviewee, don’t settle for answers of circumstance.

A good interview needs time because it has to pierce the screen. Often it is sent back, you have to ask the interviewee to deepen the work.

Usually the target email is specified in the request email, maybe attach a link to show what your standard is. Without forgetting the gift you give to the interviewee in exchange for the content (usually a link to the site).

By the way, what to ask for in a presentation email? First give your data, show the blog where you want to publish the interview with some links to posts already published. Then, if he accepts from the guidelines: possibility or not to insert links, minimum length, presence of photos and bio.

Start and introduce: the structure

How to do a blog interview? You have to create a structure, you have to proceed with a specific order that all web writers and journalists know. There is an introduction in which you address the topic and introduce the interviewee: here there are usually forums and links that lead to official websites or social networks.

Then there are the questions and answers in which the author can express everything he thinks. Finally find the comments of the blog owner, a sort of reflection on what was said before the actual closure. How do you write an interview?

You actually have to manage another person, and you need to be able to enforce the theme. But also grammar, syntax, punctuation, formatting, internal links.

Then there is readability to improve the user experience, not always in the interest of the writer. Without forgetting that in the introduction of the interview all the Google meta tags for the good SEO optimization of the page are contemplated.

Questions to ask in an interview

What questions are asked in an interview? It depends on the interviewee and the tone of the article you want to propose, but there are points that have become almost an obligation when you decide to interview someone. So there are some standard questions to ask the interviewee that everyone expects.

  • Who are you, presented.
  • When and how did you start doing this job?
  • What advice would you give to the reader?
  • What difficulties did you find?
  • What did you study to get to this point?
  • What does working for (…) mean to you?
  • Who do you have to thank?
  • How do you see the world of (…) in ten years?
  • How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Pay attention to the number of questions, they must not be too many otherwise you risk boring the reader. You must also be able to simplify, shorten and modify: once the text is delivered, it tells you that you will modify the structure (not the substance) of the interview to adapt it to your needs.

Then he delivers the interview to the author for final inspection. Only after its ok can you publish. Attention to the structure of the text: usually the questions are in H2 and the answers in plain text. So you can also maintain a good balance and maybe create an internal menu with Table Of Content Plus.

How to write an interview: examples

There are hundreds of examples to give an idea of ​​the online interview. What I can show you is the way I decided to publish the interviews on My Social Web: contextualized with a theme. If you take a look at this post dedicated to Fred Update you can see that the interview with Marco Maltraversi is a chat on a topic. This is a good example of an interview for me.

How to do a double type interview with Hyenas

An interesting solution: create a double interview, in Hyena style. So put two people in comparison who answer the same question. How to do a double interview? You can find the answer in this video: you have to be a good video editor to edit different shots

So this is the only way to go? No, there should be other solutions to create a product of this kind and simpler, but not as professional.

There are, for example, apps that allow you to do double interviews for both Android and iPhone, but are currently unavailable. So, all you have to do is mount it with a video editing program.

Your experience with online interviews

Here is the answer to the question: how to write an effective interview? The solutions are so many you have a goal, to propose the best possible text for your blog.

The interview does not have to be a loophole to avoid writing a post but an added value. It must be something special. Do you agree? How do you see it? Leave your experience in the comments, let’s discuss this.